Greg P. Rodent


This is the real drawing of Greg Rodent by Anakin Mignone

is a 11 year old gopher who lives with the Rodent family. He is on the St. Gopher's Football Team with his best friend Robert Rabbit Jr. and his arch enemey Max Mouse. Greg is in love with Robert's sister Ellie Rabbit, and his father Gopher the Rodent is an idiot. He hates his little sister Sally like everyone else. Greg spells "e" backwards. Greg fears cats like most gophers (species), Rabits, moles, and voles . Like now, he got "F------"s in kindergarden, and got them ever since. Gopher adds another "-" to make him feel smarter, but it really makes him look like an idiot. That's what we all know what his early life was (Since he's only eleven.)
Greg P. Rodent








Favorite Food:


Football Team Number:



Gopher's Trying To Kill Sally Club Saint Gopher's Football Team


Max Mouse,Meg,Jimmy,Bully the Bulldog,Max's cronies,the Weasels

Voiced By:

"Jack Antonucci"

Gregs rides the skateboard and the bike, ands invented pants. He is a such a slob infact When the Rodent family was robbed, Sue said, "Who would want to rob Greg's room, it's full of nothing but pizza!" In "The Amazing World Of Quisney", a cutoff cardboard copy of Gopher, talked to Greg and said "Uh dad?" and the cardboard cutout of Gopher said to him, "Boy, this is a cardboard cut tape recorder!" Greg only went to Malt Quisney World once. In the Star Wars parody, Greg played as luke skywalker. Greg always gets lousy report cards, but some how Greg always go to the next grade. Early concept art had, Greg with jowls, circle noses, and round teeth. Now, Greg has a white t-shirt, dome shaped nose, and round buck teeth. Later, his teeth became square.

Concept Art for Greg

Greg's best friends are a rabit named Robert Rabit Jr and a ghopher named Claria. Willy is Greg's mutated pet silkworm whohas befriended the gopher that owns him.