LaughAboutItComics- LaughAboutItComics was BAMTV first comic attempt with Alfonzo and Alfrado, Feipiso,Ugly Magizine, and Comicy Show (a comic verison of comedy show) lasted about a year because not enough comics were produced.

FalloutAndDispare- FalloutandDispare was Anakin Mignone attempt to save the comic book bussiness in BAMTV in 2012 was the idea was market of one big comic book and have side comic books used to produce with money off the big one. But all orignal comics from LaughAbout were dropped. And week after approving the company lost faith in it.

CRAZY Funny!- Was BAMTV last atempt at comic books and reamping all of LaughAboutItComic orignal titles also with some side comic indipendently produce and also added BAMTV mag a magizine primarily focussed around New TV shows,View reviwe,etc.

Hopefuly CRAZY Funny! will stay